MAKEUP Contributor, Lisa Behan

With the likes of Pink and Avril Lavigne all over the place it is clear that the rock chick look has never really gone away but now one lady is showing just how stylish and just how powerful this look can get get. And that lady is Fergie.

Fergie is all over our screens with her new ad for her fragrance “Outspoken” and with the Black Eyed Peas currently on tour; she is very hot property right about now.

At a recent O2 gig, Fergie stole the show with her statement costumes that were just as loud and intoxicating as her voice. Her style was fearless and it commanded your attention. Make no doubt about it, Fergie has catapulted herself centre stage as the ultimate Rock Goddess.

Her look is alluring, sexy and very empowering. But make no mistakes about it, if you are going to emulate this look then you have to wear it with attitude. Here is how to achieve it, giving you all the attitude you’ re ever gonna need!


Purple is great for a funky rock chick look.  Avon does a fantastic quad called Purple Haze which I absolutely love. The colours are so well pigmented that they last all night.

Start by lining the eyes, if you wet the shadow you are using and apply using a small brush you can match your liner perfectly to your eyes shadow which gives more impact to the look.

Next sweep the lightest shade of the quad over the entire lid, remembering to highlight the brow bone. By applying the eye shadow after the eyeliner, you will fix the liner in place making it less likely to smudge.

Then work the darkest shade into the outer corner of the eye, sweeping it up and out at the corner towards the end of your eyebrow. Aim for the dark shade to cover almost half of the lid. Then apply the mid shade colour over the entire lid and just blend, blend and then blend some more.

Once you are happy you have enough colour on the lid, apply your mascara or if you dare, go for false lashes.

Strong eyes need strong brows so simply brush into shape and secure by applying some brow gel. If your brows are little on the thin side, then strengthen the shape and colour by using a brow pencil in light feather like strokes.


Lips are really easy; if you want to make this look rock, then forget the rule about not being able to have strong eyes and strong lips together. Go for a bright pink or a deep red lip colour. Lastly apply gloss over the top of the colour so the lips look soft but still strong in colour.

And there you have it the ultimate Rock Chick look in no time at all!

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