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, Beauty Treatment Specialist

Selfridges have reported that they have seen an 80% increase in the sales of fake tan this April (2016) in comparison to April 2015. According to Professional Beauty, salons and spas have also reported that self-tan sales have increased, especially in the latest spat of warmer weather. Are people finally realising that UV is actually dangerous?

My two favourite fake tan brands are Fake Bake and Xen Tan. Xen Tan doesn’t have ‘that’ smell, an develops so quickly, but Fake Bake have recently revamped all their products by adding Vitamin D and an extra tanning agent for a deeper, more longer lasting tan. As I always say, there are so many fake tans on the market that there is simply no need to risk your health to get that golden glow. Find a brand of fake tan you like, and go with it.

90% of skin ageing is down to sun damage. Protect your skin, retain your youthful looks and FAKE IT! Get a fake tan, not a suntan.

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