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Self-Tans on Trial

Carole Hughes
MAKEUP Contributor

Self-tanning is by far the best and safest way to achieve a beautiful golden glow, and they have come a long way in recent years. There are so many options available: gradual tanners, mousses and sprays, just to name a few.

From St Tropez to Estee Lauder and He-Shi, read on to find out the fake tanning products we cannot be without for summer 2017.


  • St Tropez Everyday Gradual Spray Tan (200ml)

This spray mist was manageable and trouble-free to use and furthermore the scent was pleasant and sweet as opposed to the common fake tan odour which was an added bonus. It dried speedily although I would suggest massaging rather than patting on the tan for an even coverage. The ensuing day the colour deepened a little and I was left with an impressive bronzed glow on my legs. As a rule, I would use this prior to an evening out where I required an immediate glow.

Ideal for instant colour for a night out.

£18.00 available from John Lewis stores nationwide and


  • Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Self -Tanning Spray for Body (150ml)

I loved this gradual tan by Estée Lauder as it did not have that distinguishing fake tan whiff and provided an instant colour therefore I could see exactly where I had applied it. The end result was a really natural golden-brown look which was not too far removed from my natural colour so it was not evident to everybody that I was faking it.

Ideal for a natural golden finish.

£21.50 available from and Estée Lauder counters nationwide.

  • He-Shi Express Liquid Tan (150ml)

At first I did not think this product worked particularly well because after application I failed to spot any of the characteristic features of orange elbows and knees I see with other fake tan products, however when I saw the colour difference between my arms and my midriff area (which I had not tanned) it had certainly worked. I had a lovely even colour, subtle yet sufficient enough to take the glare off my translucent legs. Moreover it can be built up gradually on a daily basis – ideal!

Ideal for a gradual tan for all skin tones.

£20.00 available from

  • Sun-Believable TAN ME Self Tan Mousse and mitt (200ml)

Sun-Believable is an alcohol-free, quick-drying mousse formulation comes in two shades; medium and dark. When I showered the following day I was left with a gorgeous natural golden tan which was highly impressive. It absorbed quickly and has a pleasant scent, no biscuit odour like some other self- tanners on the market. It remained for approximately four days. Gentle on the skin and designed to be applied with the accompanying mitt, the guide colour ensures a streak-free finish. I would warmly recommend this product.

Ideal for instant colour with no mess.

£30.00 available from and John Lewis stores nationwide.

  • Xen Tan Transform Luxe Gradual Tanner (80ml)

This gradual tanning lotion has a hint of gradual tanning built into the cream so you can develop the effect. It absorbed into my skin rapidly, leaving it velvety and silky-smooth and, best of all, it smells heavenly! My milk-bottle skin had a golden glow after only one application, and furthermore the vanilla scent remained for hours. I can definitely see what all the Xen Tan fuss is about now!

Ideal for everyday gradual tanning, excellent for first timers and fake tan enthusiasts.

£12.95 available from

Self- tans on trial


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