Shape-up in an instant!

, Editor of MAKEUP

We all have those moments of feeling bloated, a bit wobbly here and there with the good old fashion thought of My diet starts on . But what if s too late and you have a hot date, or social gathering that you need to attend that Saturday night, with the dreaded feeling of having to try and squeeze into one of your dresses that hasnt seen the light of day for a while?!?

Well enter the all new Shapewear underwear by Trinny and Susannah! Flatten your stomach, lift your bum and slim those hips, with not one sweaty bit of exercise in sight! For a quick fix body shaper, get yourself to to Tights Please and search for the Magic Knickers to bag yourself a pair now!

Tried and tested, I can honestly give you my word that they work! And with summer just round the corner (or with this glorious weather were having right now, looks like its here) there is nothing more than feeling confident when slipping into those summer dresses or shorts!

Original Magic Knickers come in 9 different styles, in a range of colours, starting from £26. Stocked nationwide and online at  &


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