Spring 2016 Beauty

, Editor & Professional Makeup Artist

It seems that this years spring trend seen on the catwalks is beautifully minimal. Roughly pulled back hair, out of your face and eyes and into a low ponytail, with warm glowing tones on your skin to create the perfect fresh spring look.

The key here is to ensure you have the perfect blank canvas. Clear skin is paramount to pull this look together, although thats not to say there arent products to help you along with creating an illusion (if, of course your skin isnt picture perfect).

Skin highlighters are great to help this beauty trend look fresh and young without looking greasy and like youve had your makeup on for the past week! Every brand has their own version of the best skin highlighter to use, you just need to find one that you feel best using.

A couple I have used are:

  • Rimmels Recover Foundation bursting with Vitamin E and highlighting pigments, your skin will feel alive and ready for what lays ahead! Cheap as chips and a winner in my eyes (in fact, Im wearing it as we speak!).
  • Virgin Vie Skin Dew a beautiful base to apply before your foundation, leaving your skin looking healthy with just the perfect amount of glow! Alternatively, you can apply this after your foundation, padding it onto your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and brow bones. A little more expensive, but worth every penny!
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