Natalia Maxwell, Professional Hair Artist

We all like to know what is a MUST when packing that Summer beach bag right? So let me tell you!

Kerastase has bought out a summer range, they do this every year but this year it has been re launched and there is a few more products to choose from. These are hand bag/beach bag must haves:

Aqua seal and swim protection spray: It’s a light weight formula, easy to use and contains all UV filter protection agents as well as full protection from the 3 radicals. It’s not a greasy product and the fact its light weight proves this. You would apply the aqua seal by spraying 10/15 sprays evenly through out the hair. Do this before heading out, and if you come out of the pool or sea always re apply product. This product also makes a lush blow-drying agent and gives fab shine, what more could you want.

My second product is again Kerastase Brume Jour, its brill! Has UV filters and protection from the 3 radicals, the scent to this product and again the fact it’s so light weight makes it a real winner. It gives an amazing shine when applied to dry hair and is a good sized can as you can fit it in your bag and take it with you every where. So you are all going to defiantly be looking hot on those summer beaches this year.

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