Superdrug experimenting with Virtual Make Up! |

Superdrug experimenting with Virtual Make Up!

, Beauty Treatment Specialist

Superdrug are about to launch something new and high tech in the face of make up!

Using virtual mirror technology, shoppers will be able to take a picture of themselves, then scan a make up product and it will be added to their photo! What a fantastic way to try before you buy without having to use a bacteria ridden tester product or having to wipe your existing make up off first.

If you love the new photo that much, you’ll even be able to upload it to Twitter or Facebook! As a trial, you’ll be able to do this in stores in Westfield and Meadowhill, with make up products from GOSH and Revlon to choose from. If all goes well, look out for it at a store near you soon.

I hope it works as well as it says it will. We’ve all tried a similar thing when you try different hairstyles on a photo of your face, and the hair never quite fits your face. If it does what it says it will, this will be great. I can just imagine choosing a bright red lipstick then seeing the lips on my photo turning red, or a different shade of blusher to what I normally wear to see if it suits me without having to spend my hard earned pennies first!

Well done Superdrug for trying something new! About time the beauty industry moved forward technologically!

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