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How much do we all love the Crystal Pedicure at the moment? It’s pure BLING! After being modelled by the gorgeous Holly Willoughby on This Morning, her twinkly toes have caught the eye of the nation, catapulting the Crystal Pedicure into the spotlight.

Created by Nails Inc at Harvey Nicholls, and costing £110, this is the most sparkly set of toes you will ever see! The Nails Inc version uses up to 600 Swarovski Crystals and two therapists to apply them. I’m sure cheaper versions will be popping up in Beauty Salons around the country offering a very similar service, and looking just as good. Using Crystals to decorate fingers and toes is not a new trick, but not for a long time have we seen it so, well, there’s no other way to describe it but ‘BLING’!

I’d say this look would look great on just the big toes, with a French manicure or silver polish on the rest; perfect for the beach, or a glitzy night out.

This is definitely THE summer look for toes for 2016.

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