Chloe “Louise” Bag

Written by, Becky Harris
MAKEUP Contributor

It doesn’t seem so long ago when the magazines were overshadowed by endless pictures of celebrities such as Nicole Richie dragging their Balenciaga bags around. The It bag was a sign of style, class, power and wealth. Bigger and bolder was better. It seemed like a battlefield of celebrities all trying to out-style each other in the oversized accessory stakes.

The new decade is bringing us change. It bags are back. But they come in a completely new form. The form is understated and classic. This year, many designers have referred back to their archives and are resurrecting some of their most iconic bag designs. Firstly, welcome back the Salvatore Ferragamo ‘W’ bag, originally created by the designer’s daughter in the 60’s, for her mum. The re-issue comes in a dark two-tone of khaki and brown, with a signature ‘Gancio’ metal clasp.

Fendi “Classico No 3” bag

Dior’s ‘Lady’ bag is making a return, first designed for Princess Diana in 1995. Its new limited edition comes with a handy removable shoulder strap. Then there’s Hermes ‘Constance’. Set aside the Birkin or Kelly; people in the know  sporting this smaller catch. The little details and bold ‘H’ clasp are what make this an icon. Finally of course, is the ultimate classic, the Chanel 2.55. This season’s new shade is an on-trend Khaki, which works especially well with the gold chain.

Now, if you’re amazing, already own each bag I mentioned, and are looking for something new, never fear! There is a new breed of bags at the moment which look like they could be old classics. Take the Celine Classic box bag. Phoebe Philo looked to the past to create this treat for her debut collection. Like its true fellow icons before it, the hit comes in new shades each season, including tan, blue and ‘lipstick’- an orange shade.

Another vintage inspired It bag is Chloe’s ‘Louise’. The small square bag comes in crocodile skin and calfskin leather to name a few. The details are simple- a gold, rectangular clasp and on some versions little gold lines around the edges. The ‘Louise’ has been the most popular of the

Celine “Box” bag

year so far. When high-street chain, Peacocks, launched their imitation version, they sold 5,000 within the first 48 hours.

Other new It bags are the Fendi ‘Classico no.3’, inspired by the old-school glamour of the ‘60’s, and YSL’s ‘Downtown’ bag- big enough to hold your necessities and more, without being too OTT. This comes in black patent, white ivory and silver metallic leathers. Lastly, make note of Louis Vuitton’s ‘Aviator’ bag. The bag mixes casual, old-fashion and sophistication into one with its vintage-style print and leather straps.

So, a new decade has prompted us to look back at some old ones, designers have reverted to their predecessors for inspiration and in return we have got a world of re-issues and new designs at our feet to choose from. The new It bags don’t scream for attention, but they effortlessly gain it through their mature aesthetic. It just leaves me asking, how long will it take for the high-street to catch on this time? What will the designers do next? And, I think the hardest question of them all, which one will you pick?!

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