, Beauty Treatment Specialist

Today I discovered a new treatment sweeping America: The Vagacial! Really! Apparently it’s best to have it done a week after your Brazilian wax, and before you get Vajazzled…

It seems the world is becoming obsessed with having a perfect ‘lady flower’. I like this description, after reading it while researching this new craze. And yes, I do believe it’s crazy! So you can get it tightened, shaped, surgically enhanced, stripped bare of any hair whatsoever, a facial for it and get Swarovski crystals stuck on it. But why? Who walks around all day admiring their beautiful lady flower? Is it all really necessary?

So what is a Vagacial? Just as it sounds, it’s a facial for your lady flower. You are cleansed, exfoliated (either with product or Microdermabrasion), ingrowing hairs are released, pimples extracted, then a masque is applied sometimes followed by light therapy and then lastly, lashings of moisturiser. Sound great? I’m still against it… I think I’ll just stick to a more traditional scrub in the shower, am not liking the idea of a therapist spending all that time putting all sorts of creams and potions on my lady flower.

Wonder if this crazy craze will make its way over to the UK?

Would you get it done? Leave your comments below!!


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