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Annette Bette Kellow, Fashion & Vintage stylist


SHOP- Ninas Hair Parlour, Alfies Antique Market, Marylebone-

She can do any style from the 20s to the 60’s, and Nina is an expert in vintage hair, her work has graced Vogue, Elle and Pamela Anderson has worked with her on numerous occasions.

SHOP- The Girl Can’t Help it, Alfies Antique Market, Marylebone

Only American vintage is stocked here, hand picked by the owner Sparkle Moore. Couture one off pieces, showgirl outfits and red carpet dresses as well as one of Marilyn Monroes dresses lies here, your for a mere £8000! Famous with celebrities such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.

DINE- Lauderee, Harrods, Knightsbridge

Hidden exclusively around the back of Harrods with glistening chandeliers and velvetted curtains, you can feel safe in the solitude that you are in complete luxury for your afternoon tea. With a pot costing a mere £2.85 and sculptured cakes at £4, you won’t break the bank and can pose and nose the afternoon away!

PARTY- Die Freche Muse, Pyjama Party, Dalston- 5th February

Girls, actually pyjamas aren’t encouraged so find your vintage babydoll or 50’s girdle- this is a slumber party with a different, in pure speakeasy fashion. Drinks hidden in teacups, djs, jazz divas and sizzling burlesque performances, as well as pillow fights all held in an antique ‘Old Boys Club’ in Dalston, this is one not be missed.


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