What is Dry Shampoo ?

What is Dry ShampooWhat is dry shampoo? Well, as the name suggests, it is basically a shampoo that can be used without water.

It is a fairly popular product, especially amongst people who are very particular about hair hygiene even if they don’t have access to a shower.

There are plenty of situations where a dry shampoo might come in handy.

You could be out trekking on trails and might want to keep your hair clean. Without access to clean water, you can still use a good dry shampoo to clean out your hair and keep it maintained.

Below, we will quickly review a couple of the most popular dry shampoo products that are available in the market today.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry ShampooThis is probably the most popular dry shampoo out there. It comes with a fantastic tropical fragrance that will have your hair smelling energized and exciting.

Apart from cleaning your hair, it also has the ability to add shine to your dull hair.

Certain ingredients in this dry shampoo will also add volume to your hair. This product is especially popular with women and men who have oily hair.

Generally, dry shampoos do not work well with oily hair which tends to accumulate a lot of grime and dirt.

Batiste has managed to create a formula that works with oily hair, without weighing down the hair after use. The residue left after a wash with this shampoo is minimal.

Another reason for the tremendous popularity of this dry shampoo is the affordable price tag, coming in at just under $12. It will allow you to substitute at least two consecutive shampoo sessions that you would normally have in a shower.

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Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo

Rene Furtere Naturia Dry ShampooThis is another super popular dry shampoo product that comes in a spray type container.

All you have to do to use this dry shampoo is to give the spray can a nice shake, hold it about 10 inches away from hair and give your hair a nice spray down.

Then, let the spray go to work for about two minutes, before wiping it down with a towel.

To finish off, use a brush to gently brush your hair and also clean it at the same time.

Some of the ingredients used in this dry shampoo are iron oxides, peppermint oil, basil oil, silica, caraway seed oil and silica.

Users who swear by this shampoo commend it for its heavy duty cleaning effect. This is the perfect dry shampoo for you if you happen to sweat a lot, while out camping or playing sports at facilities where there are no showers.

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Please note that dry shampoos, though very effective, are not a good solution for long term hair care. They are only meant to give you a means to clean your hair when you have no access to water.

Generally, you must wash your hair with water and a regular shampoo at least once between two consecutive uses of a dry shampoo, regardless of how good it may be.

There are a few dry shampoo products that come in a powder form or a pump dispenser form although the spray type is by far the most popular out there.

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