What is Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow ThreadingEyebrow threading is a technique where commonly available sewing thread is used to remove or pluck eyebrow hairs, to shape eyebrows and create a very crisp brow line. It is a technique that originated in India.

The simplicity and the effectiveness of the technique quickly caught on and spread to all parts of the world. Now, some of the fanciest beauty salons in the world will offer eyebrow threading services.

It is much faster than tweezing or plucking and some say that it is less painful as well.

Below, you can learn more about eyebrow threading.

How is eyebrow threading done?

As mentioned earlier, one will usually use ordinary sewing thread to make a loop with a knot. Once the loop is made, the person doing the eyebrow threading will twist the loop in such a way that it takes a bow tie shape.

Now, holding the bow tie like thread with both hands, the person doing the eyebrow threading will motion one hand to work like a pair of scissors. This simple movement will rapidly make the bow string like knot to go towards the other hand, removing eyebrow hair in its path. It is pretty amazing as to how cleanly a simple sewing thread will pull out eyebrow hair, with a minimal amount of effort.

The best part about eyebrow threading is that the hair is removed from the cuticle. Normally, women and men who get eyebrow threading done will be able to have perfectly shaped eyebrows for about two to three weeks, before they have to go in for another session.

Generally, eyebrow threading is done by someone who is experienced, at a beauty salon. However, with practice, it is possible for one to do it themselves. Below, you will find some information on how to thread your eyebrows yourself.

How to thread eyebrows yourself?

Take some strong sewing thread and make a loop. The loop should be long enough to allow you to hold the loop with both hands, using bunched up fingers, with some slack in the middle. Now, use your dominant hand and twist the loop a few times.

You can twist it any direction you like although you must be able to repeat or replicate that twisting when you do the threading.

Once you have twisted it a few times, practice using the loop like a pair of scissors. Use your index and thumb to sort of work the loop on one side, like you are cutting with a pair of scissors, moving to the other hand.

Now, to actually do the threading, you will have to work against the direction in which your eyebrow grows. Before you begin, use a brow brush to straighten out your eyebrows as much as you can so you can clearly see the stray hairs that you want to remove.

When you move the loop through the hair that you want to remove, you will feel them being plucked out. It is not very painful although you will definitely feel a small pinch. It usually is a little uncomfortable when you first do it although the pain is very bearable once you get used to the technique.

Before doing any major threading, try your technique on the hair around the fringes or edges of your eyebrows to become comfortable with the technique. Then, make a full scale attempt to completely style your eyebrows.

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