What Is Hair Serum ?

What Is Hair SerumHair serum is usually a sticky kind of treatment solution that is used to treat dry, frizzy or excessively curly hair, in an effort to make them straighter or more manageable when it comes to styling.

It is also used to protect the hair from sun damage and dryness. It generally lasts for one wash cycle, meaning that one will have to reapply the serum after they have showered.

Below, you will find reviews of a couple of very popular hair serums that are available in the market today.

BioSilk Silk Therapy

BioSilk Silk TherapyThis is one of the most popular hair serums out there, costing just about $17 or so. It is suitable for use on both dry and wet hair.

What people really like about this product is that it requires a very tiny amount for one application.A few drops on your palms are often enough to coat your entire head of hair.

People with really frizzy hair have had a lot of success with this product and some have made it a part of their everyday routine, to always have manageable hair.

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It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in ProductThough this serum has a rather odd name, it is extremely popular. Priced at a very attractive $15, this serum will allow you to instantly add control and gloss to your dry and frizzy hair.

It will also protect your dry hair against heat and can be a good daily wearer if you live in hot climate. It is also capable of sealing off and protecting your hair color as well.

Though this product also contains parabens, the ingredient list is a bit more balanced as several natural ingredients like tea leaf extracts, sunflower seed extracts and even silk amino acids are infused into this product.

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