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Winter Glow: Revive your skin

Lisa-Michelle Behan
Beauty Writer

The Christmas period is over, the New Year has begun and we are all well and truly feeling the after effects of a great Christmas. Drinking too much alcohol, eating too much junk and not getting enough sleep can all have a detrimental effect on our skin and it’s appearance. If you’re lacking your usual glow then you might be thinkingNew Year, new skin but where on earth to begin.

There are lots of ways to give your skin an instant boost but if we understand what we can do to help our complexions, then we can start to make positive changes to improve the overall appearance of the skin long term.

Are you getting enough?

We all know it, hardly any of us do it but it is true that drinking enough water will help improve the condition of your skin. By keeping yourself properly hydrated you are supplying the skin cells with enough water to repair and regenerate.

Top Tip: Check if your getting enough water by gently pinching the skin on your forehead with you thumb and first finger. If you see an orange peel or dimple effect, then this is a sign that your skin is dehydrated and you need to try and drink more water.

Out with the old and in with the new …

A quick fix to instantly improve the appearance of your skin is to exfoliate. Our skin has a natural process for shedding dead skin cells to make way for new ones, it’s called desquamation. During this process new plump skin cells are pushed up through the layers of the skin to the surface. When you exfoliate, you are effectively speeding up this process. Once the dead skin cells are removed, the new skin underneath is revealed. Exfoliating once or twice a week will help to leave your skin clearer and brighter.

Top Tip: Be careful not to over exfoliate and try to use a gentle facial scrub containing grains. Some body scrubs can be too harsh for your face so bear this in mind when choosing one that’s right for you.

And relax…

Massaging the face, neck and décolletage can really benefit your skin. Through massage you are increasing the circulation to your face and this means improving the blood flow to your skin. It is this all important blood flow that brings the oxygen and vitamins your skins needs to function healthily.  By massaging regularly, you will improve the condition, tone and appearance of your skin.

Top Tip: Take the time to massage your cream around the face in a circular motion, use gentle pressure. Try to massage down towards the neck area so that you smooth out the skin as you go.

Night, night…

You may notice that when you have not had enough sleep your skin takes the punishment for it. To help condition and improve you skin at night try using a night cream. These creams are specifically designed for night time use and are often thicker in consistency than a day cream.  One of the real benefits of using a night product is that it allows our skin to take all the time it needs to deeply absorb the cream. Use it every night and you will start to see and feel the difference quite quickly.

Eyes so bright…

Lastly the eyes, these are the dead giveaway. If you are suffering from dark circles, puffiness or bags then it is worth investing in a good eye cream. I just love Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair eye cream and I use it every night without fail. You only need to use a tiny amount each night before bed and it really does leave the skin softer and brighter.

Top Tip: If your eyes are feeling tired and dreary then try Vital Eye Brightening drops from Boots, they help to soothe tired eyes. For an instant fix you can also use your fingertips to lightly tap all around the eye area, this will stimulate the skin and some people find it helps improve the look of dark circles.

Here are some of my favourite products to help you look and feel revitalized;

Liz Earle Hot Cleanse and Polish – Nourishes the skin beautifully, leaving it soft to the touch

Anew Clinical Luminosity Pro serum by Avon – Apply this serum at night and in just a few days you will notice that you skin is brighter

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye – Use a small amount around the eye area at night and wake up to smoother skin

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