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Thats it, we are finally in September, The X Factor has started which can only mean one thing we are officially on the countdown to Christmas!! Yup! Im sorry to be the one to break this to you, but time to get ourselves in credit.

Now I dont mean financially, oh no. I mean health and fitness-wise! I dont know about you, but the thought of it being Christmas and eating the endless amounts of food on offer everywhere you go can pain me to think about (yes I can say no but why deprive yourself?). Starting the new year with that additional bumper round your middle can mean months of hard work to get rid of, needless to say the loss of money in your bank to join a gym to do so!

Who needs that stress when you can just start the roll now: GET IN CREDIT! Thats right, while youre  still feeling the last moments of energy from our short lived Summer, you can get yourself motivate NOW while its easier.

No need to feel so guilty that you need to join a gym thats a bit extreme and expensive! So instead, go for daily power walks, jogs, dance, swim. Theres endless options out there to keep the workout fun.

One thing I have recently taken up is the massively growing class called ZUMBA! A Latin American aerobics dance class that leaves you feeling like youve just been on a mid-week night out on the dancefloor (less the hair, makeup and fancy clothes). All the way from America, this high energy class has you whooping and cheering, while burning between 800 1200 calories an hour! Hard to believe huh! How could anyone burn that amount while having so much fun?? Well its possible and I love it. Their caption couldnt be more true Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!

So thats my plan; tone up, lose a few pounds and use that as an incentive to keep control of the Christmas pud, mince pies and treats that your eyes might fixate on! Your metabolism will have had a kick start from my active pre-Christmas lifestyle, which means that fat will burn quicker when consumed, resulting in the odd treat being guilt freeSo join me on the Get in Credit wagon and start the New Year with a carefree mind and bloat-free belly!

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